Enjoy the vacations of your dreams with our superyacht rental  Dubai

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Vacations are the perfect time to unwind and have fun. While you can have fun in several ways, very few things match a vacation on a superyacht. It allows you to experience the best sailing moments of your life. We have a wide range of luxurious superyachts in our superyacht rental Dubai company.

Our rental process is fast and simple and before you know it, you’ve gotten yourself a superyacht charter.  Each of our yachts is equipped with the best luxurious amenities like a kitchen, bedroom, and living room. Some of the most luxurious yachts even include a jacuzzi, infinity pool, gym room, etc. We have quite a large number of luxury superyacht brands like Sunseeker, Benetti, Princess, Tati, Dolce Vita, and many others.

Best options at the best prices

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Our luxury yachts range from 27m to 220m in size. Some of our best yachts can accommodate up to 12 guests staying overnight excluding the captain and crew. We’ll pick you up from your specified location and take you through the finest places in Dubai. From the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, down to other popular places along the coastal line. We’ll tour the Dubai Harbour, Atlantis Dubai, Blue Water Island, Jumeirah Beach Island, Palm Island, and other beautiful places along Dubai’s coastlines.

You can also host events on our superyachts as some of our yachts can comfortably accommodate up to 500 guests. Booking a superyacht charter  from us also gives you the option of requesting add-on services for an extra charge. Some of our add-on extras include limo pickup, food packages, white-glove service, live entertainment, party props, as well as water toys.

You can rest assured that you’ll enjoy the vacation of your dreams with any yacht from our superyacht rental  service. It’s going to be a smooth, relaxing sail all the way.

Experience luxury differently with our superyacht charter service

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As the leading superyacht rental Dubai  company, we are known for providing luxury rentals to our clients. When you sail on any of our superyachts, you’ll experience a different level of style and sophistication. Our super yachts charter will leave you wanting your vacation to never end. With us, your chartering process is done with ease and comfort all the way starting from the rental process.

Our rental process is so fast and convenient. We have our rental experts who’ll put you through the whole rental process, choosing the best superyachts and location, to the filing of paperwork. Our security deposit comes at the best price possible and we have only the best brands for a superyacht hire.

We have an extensive list of luxury superyacht brands like Azimut, Sunseeker, Sensation, Durreti, Rodriguez, Majesty, and a host of others. Our super yachts range from 27m to 220m in size and can accommodate a high number of onboard and overnight guests. The rental prices are the best you can get and cover your trip to and from your chosen destination. It also covers your guests, crew and captain, fuel, drinks, and ice.

You can also rent any of our superyachts for an hourly rate of between AED 600 – 14,000 and a daily rate of AED 10,000 – AED 360,000. What’s more amazing is that you can request for add-on services like white-glove service, live entertainment, party props, food packages, and more at an additional cost.

Our exceptional onboard services

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One thing we ensure all of our clients enjoy when they book a superyacht rental  in Dubai from us is exceptional onboard service. We’ll provide you with only the best premium services befitting a client like you. From the use of well-trained captains and crews to other great services to make sure your trip is as lovely as possible. Two quality services we make sure we provide every client who books a  from us are:

  • Onboard services
  • Luxury amenities

Onboard services

Our onboard services are centered on ensuring our clients, as well as their guests, have a wonderful time sailing our superyachts. Our crew is present at any time of the day to take care of your needs and provide you with an interesting and interactive experience. You also have the option of requesting additional onboard services like extra water toys for exciting water activities if you love water sports. For an extra charge, we can provide you with jetski, banana boats, wake surfing, and wakeboarding toys for a thrilling experience.

There’s also the option of spa treatment and the provision of party props for an event. We’ll even provide you with a live DJ, food packages or if specified, a personal chef to fulfill your catering needs, all at an extra charge. Whatever your needs might be, we are ready to ensure they’re well taken care of. Paying an extra charge to enjoy these add-on services will be worth the price.

Luxury amenities

When it comes to luxury, our superyacht rental  service doesn’t fail to live up to expectations and this is evident in our luxury amenities. Every one of our superyachts has luxurious and well-equipped amenities that show off class and sophistication. Many of our superyachts have ultramodern dining areas, multiple bars, a very large flybridge, a jacuzzi, and several other impressive amenities to make your sail as luxurious and peaceful as possible.

Stepping into our superyacht cabins gives you a feeling of being at home with our cozy and well-selected interiors. When you book a luxury yacht from our superyacht rental Dubai  company, you’ll be sure to make use of the premium amenities that compete with even the best luxury hotels.

A peep at some superyachts available in our Dubai fleets

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Superyachts are becoming the best way to travel in privacy and extreme convenience. We understand that our clients require only the best which is why we ensure our superyachts listing contains only the best luxury brands. We have some of the most exclusive yacht brands designed for comfort and luxury. A peep at some superyachts from our superyacht rental  in Dubai include:

  • Rodriguez
  • Tati
  • Sunseeker
  • Duretti


Rodriguez is one of the most popular and luxury yachts available in our fleet. This brand is a favorite among our clients because of its simple yet amazing design and amenities. The Rodriguez luxury brand of yachts is known for its speed and elegant design. Known for its magnificent appearance, this luxury yacht brand is simply remarkable. A special among our Rodriguez yachts is Babylon. This superyacht is about 124ft in size and can occupy 20 – 30 guests for an onboard event. Babylon has 5 upscale cabins with a jacuzzi that can conveniently accommodate 10 guests who are staying overnight. You can rent our Babylon for AED 8,000 for an hourly rate and about AED 80,000 daily.


When it comes to a list of luxury superyachts, it isn’t complete without the mention of Tati. Tati is a luxury brand that comes with the best amenities to ensure your trip is blissful. We have a wide variety of Tati models available for superyacht rental.  One of such is the Tati’s Gem. Gem measures 110ft in size and accommodates a large number of guests for an event. It has 3 airy and sophisticated cabins that can comfortably house 10 overnight guests. Gem has a jacuzzi and other elegant amenities for a nice vacation. You can rent Gem for an hourly fee of AED 8,000 and a daily fee of AED 80,000.


You can’t think of luxury yachts without the Sunseeker coming to mind. Owned by a reputable company, the Sunseeker models are one of the best exotic superyachts in the world. Sunseeker models are very strong, have a powerful engine and a speed of 15 – 29 knots. This luxury brand is a favorite when it comes to elegance and quality. A top requested Sunseeker model from our superyacht rental  in Dubai among our clients is the Sunseeker 116 – Legende. This exotic superyacht measures about 115ft and has a full capacity of 20 – 30 guests. With four luxurious cabins tastefully furnished, 8 overnight guests can have a comfortable night’s sail. This model also comes with a jacuzzi for your enjoyment. Legende costs a rental fee of AED 16,000/hour to AED 130,000/ day.


The name Duretti is synonymous with luxury and class. This elite superyacht brand is top-notch when it comes to size, appearance, and amenities. Our Duretti models are highly sought-after due to how seamless they are. The Duretti brand is known for its quality finishes and amenities and many of our clients love this luxury yacht. One of such models is the Black Pearl. It is 85ft in size and has 3 well-equipped cabins. It also has a full guest capacity of 22 – 45 guests for an event. It can comfortably take 6 overnight guests. You can rent this model for a rental price of AED 1,500 – AED 20,000.

What to look out for when renting a yacht

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Renting a superyacht in Dubai is the perfect way to enjoy a trip or vacation while in the country. To ensure that you do not encounter any glitches along the line, there are some important factors to take into consideration. Although hiring a yacht from our superyacht rental  service ensures that you travel without any inconvenience, we always advise our clients to be sure of what they want. Two major factors to take into consideration when renting a yacht is:

  • Capacity
  • Functionality


Aside from choosing the type of superyacht you want, the size/capacity of the yacht is a very essential factor to take into consideration. Our superyachts measure up from 27 ft – 220ft and can accommodate from 20 – 500 guests. The superyacht you’re hiring should be able to conveniently cater to your guests with enough room remaining on board. It would be weird to have guests being crammed into a tight space onboard. Make sure the yachts you’re choosing to charter can cost you, your family, or a group of friends.


The functionality of the yacht you’re chartering is very important. At our superyacht rental  service, we offer add-on services and event packages. If you’re choosing to host an event, ensure the yacht is functional and has useful amenities that will serve your purpose. Even if you’re not hosting an event or party, the yacht you’re renting should contain the best luxury amenities to ensure that your Dubai tour is as remarkable as possible. When you book a yacht from our superyacht rental  service, we ensure that you get a functional yacht with all the right facilities that’ll make your trip as worthwhile as can be.

Our goal is to make your time with us as comfortable as possible

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Renting a superyacht has never been easier. At our   we are focused on ensuring your trip is as comfortable as possible. We provide you with the best of Dubai’s luxury yachts as well as unmatched quality treatment. Our crew are all certified and trained to cater to every need of our client. The superyachts are also brand new, sparkling, and equipped with high-quality amenities to match up to your elite standard. Here are some of the things you stand to enjoy when you charter a superyacht from our superyacht rental  service.

  • Brand new professional yachts
  • Convenient and most popular locations
  • Experienced captains and crew

Brand new professional yachts

At our superyacht rental service in Dubai, we don’t just give you yachts. We place a huge emphasis on providing you with luxury and quality yachts that are built for people with class and wealth. All of the yachts in our fleets are brand new and professional. They’re in perfect working condition and are kept thoroughly cleaned at all times.

Our luxury superyachts are built with sturdy and quality materials. Every piece in our yachts is kept clean and all of these yachts undergo regular inspection and maintenance checks. You’re guaranteed 100% comfort and a smooth sail without a hitch. You never have to worry about any mechanical issue. People often say it’s impossible for anything to be perfect, but we can boldly tell you that our superyachts are perfect!

Convenient and most popular locations

Another benefit of sailing with our superyachts is that we’ll pick you up and also drop you off at your specific location. We’ll take you from Dubai Marina Yacht Club down to other popular locations in the coastal area like The Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Harbour, the Palm Residences, Blue Water Islands, and many other exotic beaches and islands. There’s also a tour along the Marasi Canal, a stop at the Jumeirah Beach Residence, Atlantis, the Dubai Creek, and several other hot spots along the coastline.

We’ll ensure we take you through the best water locations in Dubai, to ensure you have an unforgettable and awesome time sailing in our luxurious superyachts. If along the line, you want to change your destination from your specified pick up and drop off point, you can do this at an extra charge.

Experienced captains and crew

At our superyacht rental  service, we have the best captains and crew. Our captains and crew are professionally trained and certified to ensure that every sail is as smooth and comfortable as possible. They’re hospitable and very easy to talk to. Whatever your questions are, they’ll explain in the most simple way. We’ve trained our captains and crew to always be concerned about your needs.

Hence, they are always available to cater to every one of your requests. If you’re with your kids, our crew will ensure they’re safe at all times and their activities monitored and supervised. Sailing with our captains and crews is guaranteed to be as smooth and peaceful as possible. You don’t have to worry about anything, our crew is always on the ground to take care of you as your welfare is our top priority.

Frequently asked questions about renting a yacht in Dubai

Can I enjoy wake surfing and wakeboarding during a yacht charter trip?

You can enjoy wake surfing and wakeboarding when you charter a yacht from our superyacht rental service. For an extra charge, you can request wake surfing and wakeboarding equipment if you're a water sports enthusiast. We can also provide you with a professional instructor if you're a beginner to ensure you remain safe even while having fun.

Can I make changes to a pending reservation request for a yacht rental?

It is possible to make changes to a pending reservation request. We have a flexible rental process that allows for the adjustment of reservations. However, making changes to a pending reservation request may come with an additional fee.

What are the yacht sizes available for rent in Dubai?

The yacht sizes available at our superyacht rental service in Dubai range from 27ft to 220ft. Our luxury superyachts are massive and very spacious. From the length right down to their capacity for guest accommodation, our yachts are appropriately-sized to accommodate a large number of guests. Many of our yachts can accommodate between 5 - 12 guests who are spending the night. That is, our yachts can accommodate clients visiting Dubai for a family trip or a group of friends/business associates.

What size are luxury yachts?

There are no official or agreed-upon definitions for the sizes of luxury yachts, but these terms are regularly used to describe professionally crewed motor or sailing yachts, ranging from 40 meters (130 ft) to more than 180 meters (590 ft) in length, and sometimes include yachts as small as 24 meters (79 ft). However, our luxury yachts are built to accommodate up to 12 overnight guests and some can accommodate as many as 200 guests on board for an event.

How big can a yacht be without a crew?

A yacht that's about 75 - 79 ft in length can be operated without necessarily needing a crew. However, when you rent a yacht from our superyacht rental service, we always provide a captain and crew to handle and sail your yacht. A crew is needed to ensure the sail goes as smoothly as possible.

What is a Category D boat?

Category D boats are usually smaller boats that are best used for canals, lakes, and other small bodies of water. These kinds of boats are not built for sailing on a large body of water like an ocean. They're also not strong enough to withstand certain waves and water currents.

How much is it to book a yacht in Dubai?

There's no specific amount to book a yacht in Dubai. The amount you'll pay for a superyacht charter depends on a lot of things. First of all, the type of yacht you're hiring as well as the services rendered is important as this determines the price you'll pay. Our superyachts are luxurious and come with the best amenities for a lavish trip. You can book on an hourly or weekly basis, and hourly prices range from AED 400 to AED 16000.