Cruise Ship VS Luxury Yacht

In cruise ship trips, there is a lack of freedom whereas a private yacht charter is all about personalized services. Just like services, there is a difference between the rental prices for both of them as well. The following article contains information on those differences and the services that yachts and cruise ships offer.

Cruise Ship VS Luxury Yacht Charter Costs – The Basics

The main difference between cruise ship and Luxury Yacht is that People hire private yachts to have parties and family gatherings, while a cruise trip can take you to specific destinations. A cruise ship is not that capable if you compare ships and yachts based on itineraries and customized services. Yachts are meant to provide luxurious experiences. You do not have to share your yachting trip with strangers, and there is no forced layover. With a sailing yacht, you can go anywhere and order whatever food you like.

When it comes to the price factor, the cruise ship has the upper hand. A single traveler can book any cheap cabin on a cruise ship just to enjoy the sailing experience. You do not have to spend a lot of money on renting a private yacht with expensive services.

Comparison of Prices

The price of a yacht trip is a lot more than a one-day cruise line experience. Plus, the amount that you need to get additional services on a yacht is way higher than getting those offers on a cruise ship. A cruise ship cost is affordable because of the limited freedom that travelers have on it. The price margin is also different because of the factors like ship models, duration, events for which you are renting, and services.
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Below are some famous yacht and cruise models you can use for renting services depending on the number of guests and days you want to hire.

For 4 members

Models Rate Per Day Rate Per Week
Disney Cruise Line $2,840 $19,880
Nauti Cat, 50ft $2,714 $19,000

For 6 members

Models Rate Per Day Rate Per Week
The Royal Loft Suite on Royal Caribbean $10,200 $71,400
Angel Eyes Yacht $8,250 $70,000

For 8 members

Models Rate Per Day Rate Per Week
Sea Dream Cruises $4,570 $32,000
Twin Flame OR Jan’s Felion $4,250 OR $5,000 $34,000 OR $35,000

Premium package for 2

Models Rate Per Day Rate Per Week
The grandest suite on Regent Seven Seas Explorer $19,000 $133,000
Milos at Sea $6,850 $48,000

Services Comparison

When you rent a yacht, you are also purchasing the freedom to go anywhere you want to look at any attraction and to have whichever service you require. On the other hand, cruise ship services are a bit limited. On the yacht, you can ask for the arrangement of exciting excursions, personalized food, customized decorations, preferred music, and local tourism experiences. You cannot avail of these kinds of services on a cruise trip. You need to remain limited when it comes to tourism experience, food menus, and music selection because hiring private cruise ships is not an option that anyone would like.

The Bottomline – Private Yacht Charter is More Reliable

There is nothing like criticizing cruise ships because Jacques Yves Cousteau said, “The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Though if you are considering services, prices, freedom, and comfort, you should lean toward renting a private yacht cruise. Plus, a private yacht can take you to pretty marinas and shallow anchorages where a cruise is limited. Whether you want to spend an event with your family members or want to spend some quality time with your partner. A private yacht is a preferred choice to make.

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