Dubai Cruise Canal

The Dubai Water Canal is bound to highlight your trip to Dubai. The canal is a man-made route on water that connects Dubai’s busiest parts.

The canal begins from Dubai Creek and eventually ends at the Gulf. It stretches over 3 kilometers and has a lot of sightseeing options.

However, apart from Dubai’s impressive skyline and the glittering landscape, the Dubai water canal boat ride or a Dubai water canal show cruise will immerse you in a unique experience. The canal cruise is a busy tourist attraction because of its sights and the entertainment and food on the dinner cruise options.

5 Things to Expect on a Dubai Water Canal Cruise

If you’ve opted for a Dubai water canal cruise, you will get a lot of added entertainment options that will keep you entertained throughout your trip. However, even if you have chosen a simple Dubai water canal boat ride, you are bound to have the Dubai experience that you will reminisce about for a long time.

Things to do Dubai Canal

So, here are some things to expect when you’re on the cruise:


Dubai is a spectacular city. The views of the city’s skyline and the architecture can mesmerize anyone. The canal trip is also dotted with skyscrapers. On your trip, you can see several retail stores, a boardwalk, restaurants, and the Jumeirah. The Dubai water canal project map is designed to keep in view that cruise and boat riders experience Dubai during the day or at night.

You will also pass through the following:

  • Al Habtoor City
  • Business bay
  • The spectacular Burj Khalifa
  • Ras Al Khor sanctuary for Birds
  • Cheese building
  • Historic buildings

You will also experience the fountain show and see the fantastic Dubai Water Canal Footbridge before the boat leaves you back to the starting point. When you return, sadness and fulfillment engulf you because you don’t want the trip to end.  


Apart from the sights, the mechanical waterfall would highlight the cruise. The waterfall flows constantly, and when the boat gets near, the sensors detect it, and like drawing a curtain, the water makes way for the boat. When the boat goes through, the waterfall resumes. 

First-time visitors love this part of the canal ride. But visitors and vacationers also look forward to it when they revisit the cruise.


Cruises also offer a lot of entertainment options on the trip. So, you will not just pass through the sights when you opt for a cruise trip but also stay engaged with the performances.

However, the entertainment options also depend on the ticket you purchase.

A regular sightseeing cruise lasts up to one hour. However, if you have selected a cruise with an entertainment and dinner option, your trip will last longer.

Dinner Cruise

If you choose a dinner cruise, it will take you up to 2.5 hours to cruise the canal. There are a lot of options when it comes to dinner. Most cruises offer Arabic appetizers and meat grilled with Arabic spices.

Dinner Cruise

The dinner cruise also offers drinks and dessert options which you can enjoy while absorbing the sights you pass through. This is a perfect dinner date with your loved one. A dinner cruise could be a perfect way to celebrate an occasion like a birthday or an anniversary.

Experience the Wind

The Dubai water canal show cruise will allow you to experience Dubai in the true sense. While en route to the Dubai canal bridge, you will experience Arabic music that soothes your soul.

Many cruises also offer chilled refreshments, which you can sip while absorbed in the sights, taking in the canal smell, and experiencing the wind on your face. If you have just chosen a sightseeing trip, you can carry some snacks to munch on the way.

Timings and Pickup Points of The Canal Cruise

Many canal cruises are available for circling the canal. However, unless you are looking for exquisite yacht rental options to customize your trip and make your experience more memorable, here are the standard departure timings and locations for the canal cruise:

Pickup Points Departure
Marasi Marina 11:00 am, 2:00 pm, 5:30 pm
Business Bay 11:00 am, 2:00 pm, 5:30 pm
Dubai 11:00 am, 2:00 pm, 5:30 pm

If you want to go for a luxury cruise and go through the canal at your preferred time and last as long as you want, you should opt for a luxury yacht cruise on the canal.

Dubai Water Canal Cruise on Yacht

If you want a unique luxury experience on the water canal, you can also opt for a yacht cruise trip. You can also throw a party on a luxurious trip, making your time in Dubai more memorable.

Dubai Water Canal on Cruise

The yachts also offer food you and your guests can relish while enjoying the sights. In addition, the Five-star hospitality on the yacht will allow you to view Dubai from a fresh perspective.

Other entertainment options and water fun can also add to the fun.

Final Words

Dubai is a city that is full of fun and entertainment options. However, you shouldn’t miss the canal cruise while you’re in Dubai.

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