Lotus Mega Yacht

Lotus Mega yacht is something special even though there are thousands of yacht models to choose from in Dubai. This 220 feet long mansion is the most luxurious and spacious yacht in the country. In the following article, you will learn about its incredible amenities, brunch cruise options, and tips to enjoy a yachting trip on it.

About The Lotus Mega Yacht

Lotus Mega yacht is the 1439th largest superyacht in the world. SYT iQ owns it, and it is the 5th biggest yacht introduced by Miss Tor. The previous name of this yacht was Slo Mo Shun, Fathom. Its interior was done by Zeff Design and Naval Architecture. It has a steel-type hull, and its maximum speed is 10 knots. The yacht contains four colossal diesel engines that give it the power to run through the coastline of Dubai. Some of its other specifications are mentioned in the following table.

Overall Length 45.0m
Beam 8.4m
Gross Tonnage 418
Builder Miss Tor
Country Turkey
Type  Motor
Number of crew 9
Guest cabins 5
Speed Range  1700 n/m
Propellers 2

Incredible Amenities on The Mega Yacht

The Lotus Mega yacht is known as a mini amusement park due to the variety of fun and leisure options it provides to the guests. It has five huge decks, which look like a three to a four-story building. The middle deck of the yacht contains an enormous 500 sq ft 46000-liter pool. This pool also contains jets and a waterfall. There are six hot tubs with water jets as well. 

Amenities lotus mega yacht

On the same deck, there is an air-conditioned lounge for relaxing purposes. This side of the yacht is for those who prefer indoor activities. There is another deck called the sun deck, which has an expansive open-air lounge. This lounge can accommodate 200+ guests at the same time. It is mainly used for hosting buffets, parties, and family gatherings.
The yacht has a widescreen cinema hall that can entertain 70 guests at a time. It is located on the lower deck and is mainly for kids. An advanced sound system is available to match the deck’s ambiance. There are 11 cabins below the lower deck for sleeping and relaxing.

Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch Cruise

This premium superyacht sails through the coastline of Dubai every weekend while offering five-star brunch parties. The Lotus Mega yacht dinner services offers a four-hour trip, including a premium quality feast. Free-flowing unlimited drink services are also part of this yachting trip. International, Indian, Chinese, Russian, and Middle Eastern food dishes are included in its cuisine option. Assortment of sushis and barbecue is available on the middle deck of this superyacht. Do not forget about the copious desserts and salad options this yacht trip offers. The yacht package also contains access to water sports at JBR beach.

Tips to Enjoy Your Time on The Mega Yacht Tour

In the following points, some tips are mentioned that will help you to get more out of your Lotus Mega yacht trip.

  • Listen to the security briefing carefully before the start of the journey.
  • Wear casual clothes like trouser and tea shirts on the yacht for regular trips. In case of events, wear clothes that are comfortable and match the occasion.
  • Depart at sunset if you are taking the Lotus Mega yacht Dubai tour in summer. That is because day time is a bit hard to bear in Dubai due to the hot weather and direct sunlight. However, the recommended time period is in winter, which starts in the mid of October and lasts till March. 
  • Always be barefoot while taking a walk on the yacht. Wear soft-soled shoes if you expect this to cause scuffing on the boat’s surface.
  • If you are bringing kids for the trip, keep an eye on them. There are entertainment options available for children onboard. 

The journey in this yacht starts from the Arabian Gulf and ends on Palm Jumeirah Island while going through Burj Al Arab and the Atlantis.

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