Under water Snoopy Island

Snoopy Island, named after a cartoon character, is located in Fujairah, two hours’ drive away from Dubai. Well, this island is located in Fujairah, which is two hours drive away from Dubai. It is called so because the visual representation of the island looks similar to the Snoopy character when he is asleep on top of his doghouse. The island is very popular for tourism, primarily because of all the extra activities that people enjoy in there. Take a look at all the activities available on the island and make it your next holiday spot. 

Activities to enjoy on Snoopy Island Fujairah

Snoopy Island is rocky and is surrounded by crystal clear water along with a breathtaking view. It is a perfect place for beach-goers and divers. For water sports lovers, it is a paradise that gives them an amazing natural and peaceful experience. Check out the following things that you can enjoy on this island. 

1. Snorkeling

You can see some very attractive species such as Arabian box fish, angelfish, Sergeant Major, Picasso, Butterfly fish, and Snapper. On the island, there are hotels and shops that rent out all the equipment needed for your adventure. From Al Aqah, rent the things needed for snorkeling and enjoy the underwater life. The snorkeling kit includes the stand-up paddle board along with sunbeds and umbrellas. 

2. Scuba Diving 

Take a step further from snorkeling and explore the sea from its depth. There is a Sandy Beach Dive Center that gives tourists a fantastic experience of scuba diving. Enjoy the small fishes swimming around you with the view of the coral surrounding you. This experience at night time is unforgettable, with moonlight embracing you inside the water and colorful marine life. 

Beach Diving

3. Exciting Water sports 

Water sports have no age limit or restrictions. From the bingo rides to banana boats, Sandy beach Fujairah has it all. The banana boats and bingo rides can carry up to 2 to 3 people at one time.

4. Enjoy drinks on the beach 

The bars located at Sandy Beach are lively for the entire night, so enjoy till the night lasts. After your tiring experience in the water, have some chilling drinks and snacks. Pump yourself up to be ready for the nightlife of the bar. 


5. Enjoy the view from the seashore

Snoopy Island is very close to Sandy Beach. People can easily swim from the beach to the island. The beach is located on the Gulf of Oman, only 100 meters away from the island. A lot of people visit the beach just to take a look at the island and find the character of Snoopy in it. The view itself is quite peaceful. People can also enjoy swimming in the clear water. With constant tides, it is a perfect place to learn and enjoy surfing.

6. Camping at the beach 

This camping at Snoopy Island is a much-awaited experience in your life. From the seacoast, after covering a short walking distance, there is Fujairah Beach Camping Site. The entire area is completely secure, with lifeguards on patrol throughout the day and night. You can easily build up a camp, light some fires, and enjoy your roasted marshmallows.

Baech Camping

Where to stay at Snoopy Island Hotel?

Most people prefer staying overnight to see the nightlife as well as enjoy the sports activities during the day. For this reason, a lot of hotels are located near the shore. Sandy Beach Hotel and Resort is also situated near Snoopy island on the seashore side. Through this hotel, tourists get all the guides, help, and equipment that they need to have an adventurous time. The best thing is that it is very close to the island; people can easily swim toward the island from the seashore. There are also some other hotels on the island as well, but visitors prefer it because of their flexible services.

There is also a separate kids’ water park in the hotel. You can leave your children to play and enjoy under the supervision of the guards. Your children will be fully pampered while you enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Summing up 
Snoopy Island snorkeling and other activities indeed capture the heart of all the visitors. Fujairah is popular for having amazing infrastructure and an aesthetic vibe that gets more beautiful with the presence of this island. The prices of all the attractions on the island vary from the activities that you select and the packages that you book. Regardless of the price, the overall experience is worth spending some hard-earned money on. 

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