Dubai Water Taxi

Dubai is a fabulous city. When you first get out in the city at night, you are mesmerized by the sky-high buildings glimmering with light, illuminating the night sky. But apart from the Dubai nightlife, something in the daylight can also make your Dubai trip memorable.

The water adventure in Dubai is something you will reminisce about, whether you’ve had a Dubai boat ride on a business trip or while on vacation.

If you have the budget, you should consider renting a yacht or a superyacht to experience luxury when you’re truly there. You are bound to recall this water adventure whenever someone says “Dubai.”

However, you can still enjoy the Dubai waters if you are short on budget. Water taxis are a great way to glide through the waters, including the Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina, and get mesmerized by the experience.

So, without further ado, here are five ways you can go for a water adventure when you are in Dubai:

1.      Water Taxis – Palm Jumeirah

While the aerial view of the palm beach might look mesmerizing, you’d be surprised to see that the beach is much like the other ones unless you go for Water taxis palm beach. This is probably the best way to enjoy the area.

Water Taxis Palm Jumeirah

When you go “sightseeing” in the water taxi, the wind on your face will be a feeling you won’t forget for a long time.

2.      Throw a Yacht Party

If you want to enjoy with your friends on your trip or celebrate an occasion, a great way is to hire a yacht and add these services:

  • Drinks with ice
  • Live entertainment
  • Water toys
  • Limo pickup
  • Food packages
  • You can also hire a captain if you don’t have a yacht license.
  • Crew for serving

Another idea is to hire a big yacht for an overnight stay, so you can have fun with your friends or celebrate the event all night long.

3.      Corporate Superyacht Event

If you are a business owner who must lock a deal by hook or crook, ditch the golf course and invite your prospects to a meeting or hold a corporate event on a superyacht. Not only will you impress prospective business partners with your sophistication and hospitality, but you might also get them to rewind and share with you what they are looking for.

This will help you design your offer accordingly and make an offer they cannot deny. After all, knowing the other side’s BATNA is something you can incorporate into your negotiation strategy.  

4.      Yacht Charter Vacation Experience

Many yachts come with a pool, a gym room, a bedroom, a living room, and even a jacuzzi. These yachts are perfect for uniquely experiencing vacations.

Everyone experiences roaming around Dubai, but a yacht experience is something that you can impress your friends with. You will cherish these sailing moments for life.

5.      Budget Yacht Rental

Even if you have a strict budget, you can rent a yacht based on its capacity and amenities. Many rental services have different kinds of boats and yachts. You can even rent a water taxi if you don’t have the budget to rent a whole yacht.

However, a water adventure in Dubai is a must on your next trip. So, make sure you plan out something before you get on the plane for your Dubai trip.

Dubai Marina Boat Ride Price

If you are looking for a water adventure without investing a whole lot, you can go for boat rides that run on the Dubai Marina. Here is an estimate of the costs for trips around the Dubai Marina:

Route Ticket Price Premium Ticket Price
Al Ghubaiba Circular Trip 50-60 Dirhams 75-100 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina and vice versa 50-60 Dirhams 75-100 Dirhams
Dubai Marina Circular Trip 50-60 Dirhams 75-100 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Canal Station and Vice Versa 25-30 Dirhams 35-50 Dirhams
Dubai Marina to Dubai Canal Station and Vice Versa 25-30 Dirhams 35-50 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba to Sharjah Aquarium and vice versa 15-20 Dirhams 25-35 Dirhams

You can also check out the family packages which will cost you even lesser.

Even though this will not give you the luxury yacht experience, it will allow you to experience Dubai Marina while traveling to other places.

How To Call a Taxi in Dubai

You can call for ride-hailing services through your phone app if you are looking for a taxi on the roads. However, for a water taxi, you can dial 8009090, which is a toll-free number, and it will come to pick you up from the nearest station.

Call a Taxi in dubai

This is Dubai Marina’s official toll-free number for calling water taxis. If you are moving around UAE, your first water taxi adventure might make you want to use it as your primary commute vehicle when you’re on a business trip or enjoying your vacations.

Final Words

Dubai is a buzzing city. There are exquisite hotels, restaurants, and even beaches that mesmerize you.

You owe it to the beaches in Dubai that you go for a water adventure. Of course, you can go for yacht rentals and throw exquisite parties with a high budget. However, if you have a strict budget, you can also go for water taxis to glide through the waters. 

Know more about the water taxi or book a spot now.

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